Jeremy’s Journal (It’s all I could Come up With)

{May 23, 2008}   My first day

Well,I decided to get a blog since I joined Ravelry and it worked out really well since I made my first trip to a REAL yarn shop yesterday! Usually I just hit Wal-Mart or AC Moore,but a friend of mine (Hey Cindi!) took me to her favorite haunt,and I was just wowed!

I went in to the store and was hit by total color and fiber ovderload! These were yarns that I’d only seen online or in magazines,never in person! You see,I knit and crochet shawls that are destined to go to hospitals and nursing homes. They’re really all I make cuz I’ve only been in the fiber world for tw years and I really don’t know how to make much. Simple shawls are pretty easy,and they’re perfect for charities. And all my work is for charity only,so I stay with what I can afford.

Anyway,I was feeling everything in the store. Several yarns were caressed against my face even! I was in pure heaven!! Since my tax returns had come in earlier in the week,I was able to spend a good chunk of change! I bought a bag of Mondial yarn for fifteen dollars…

My friend Sylvia is pregnant,and this is destined to be a baby blanket for her.

I also got a yarn called Festive,which I never heard of for 10 bucks for the skein…

I took me forver to get it from skein form to ball form. This is a scarf in waiting.

My biggest score was two skeins of handpainted silk for 13 dollars each!!! I love sale bins!!

This is shawl waiting to be made!!!

On the needles right now is a scarf. A lady at the nursing home where my shawls usually end up said that she preferred scarves because her neck is always cold. I’m using a pretty oatmeal wool and the pattern is called Traveling Vine from Candi Jensen’s book. Thanks to Sarah for sharing the pattern with me! Kisses!

I just finished the fifth pattern repeat. I love how it’s coming out,but I still get in trouble with the P2Tog through back loop part. I’ve never heard of that. It’s easy,but bothersome too.

Okay,Ben’s rubbing my back which means it’s time to go work in the yard. Day’s off from work just mean housework for me! LOL!



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